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JS Schema is Clean & Colorful

Monday, 18 October 2010 20:49

Four Template Themes

The Schema template comes with four themes to help you customize your user experience. Easily replace images and CSS styles to create your own personal web experience.

Below are the four themes that come with the Schema template. Click on the thumbnails to view them.

schema_theme1 schema_theme2

schema_theme3 schema_theme4

Four Custom Module Styles

Schema comes with four built in module styles for each template theme. You can create call-outs or points of interest on your website simply by adding a module class suffix. For more examples of how to utilize click here.

CSS3 Progressive Enhancements

We used some of the latest trends in CSS3 to produce this great template. From rounded corners to drop shadows Schema uses them all and includes graceful degradation for non-progressive browsers

20 Template Parameters

With quite a few template parameters, Schema has the ability to customize your template without having to touch CSS. From a custom logo to custom colors and font options, you should have no problem making your website stand out. For more information on template parameters click here.